Bear Mountain Women’s Clinic – Follow Up

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Bear Mountain Patrol hosted a SoCal Region Women’s Clinic on Feb 22nd, open to all women patrollers from the 13 patrols across the Region. Patrollers from Las Vegas, Mt High and Snow Summit joined the “Ladies of Bear” for this exclusive event. We were fortunate this year to have two pro patrollers instructing the clinic – Kari Brandt, Patrol Director at Snow Valley and our own Cathleen Calkins from BBMR, who serves our mountain as a pro but is also an NSP Senior Patroller working on her Certified training. The women participating in this clinic were able to share their insights and experiences, while learning new concepts and tips to get more enjoyment out of patrolling.

Top of Goldmine

The National Ski Patrol, through the Southern CA Region and its member patrols, offers many clinics throughout the year that focus on a variety of disciplines and new skills like Avalanche Rescue & Science, Mountaineering, Senior and Certified. Check the calendar on our website or for more details.

Check out the calendar for some upcoming training to enhance your patroller skills!  Mountaineering, Candidate Training, Instructor Development training to name a few! MTR I – Class MTR II – Class Candidate Training OEC Challenge #2 IDE Course – Irvine Think SNOW!